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Our Mission

At Preservation Pattern we provide patternmaking, casting purchasing, and consulting services to the preservation community. We do this by working directly with our customers and providing the the care and attention that these projects deserve. Since we can work on behalf of many organizations, our chosen foundries give you better lead times, pricing, and quality. We can handle every aspect of your casting project, from design all the way to finished castings at your door. Get in touch with us, and we’ll see how we can make our diverse experience in patternmaking, mechanical engineering, foundry practice, and preservation help you.




Lewiston, Maine

Serving: Maine, New England, and Beyond

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About Us

Our focus

At Preservation Pattern, we have three main areas where we work with our clients and customers.

Project Consulting- Whether just want to learn about what is possible to achieve in the 21st Century, or want to work with a mechanical engineer to help determine the best course of action to take on a project, we are here to help. Depending on the scope, we can set up a phone consultation, or a site visit to talk face-to-face while we’re looking at your project.

Patternmaking- It’s in our name, you bet it’s our business! Our pattern shop can work from 3D CAD files, paper drawings, original castings (and even broken ones!). We harness a variety of technologies including 3D printed patterns, and 3D printed sand molds and cores to make even the most challenging casting projects possible.

Purchasing Management- When you work with us, we take all of your historical, regulatory, financial, and logistical project requirements to heart. We then identify the right foundry for your project, then coordinate and supervise the production process to make sure that you receive the castings that you need.

our values

Customer Service- When Preservation Pattern takes on a project, we take it to heart, and we respect the trust that our customers put in us to do what we say. We pledge to treat our customers- and the projects we are entrusted with- with the respect they deserve. Give us a call, you’ll get straight answers, and no BS.

Quality- For us, quality is more than just a metric- its a foundation. We strive for every pattern that leaves our shop to exceed your expectations, and expect the same from the foundries that make your castings. And if something doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll work tirelessly until we make it right.

Historical Integrity- When we make a pattern for a casting, we aren’t trying to get “close enough”. We are making that pattern so that the new castings will be indistinguishable from the originals. Historical integrity is the reason why we are here. You can rest assured that when we are working on your project, our work will be executed to be faithful to its original fabric.

Got a project?

Do you have a project you’re diving into, don’t know where to start, or how you’re going to find a replacement for that crucial missing piece? Get in touch with us- we’d love to help. Whether it’s one part or a whole project, Preservation Pattern can give you the expertise and service to take the headache and head-scratching out of your casting project.

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